Frank DeFreitas

Frank DeFreitasP.O. Box 85
Allentown, PA 18105-0085

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Presentations and Subjects:

Into the 21st Century: Antiquarian Holographica
This presentation covers the paper-based ephemera associated with the Nobel prize-winning field of holography. It includes a PowerPoint presentation, actual examples of all types of relative historical ephemera, world-class three-dimensional holograms, and a live laser demonstration. Wonderful (and educational) for all ages, and the entire family.

Postcards: Art and Holography
As a visual medium, artists began working with holography not long after its appearance in science and technology. This presentation celebrates the beautiful, artistic postcards used to announce the finest art holography exhibits around the world. It also includes examples of world-class holograms, and a live laser demonstration. Especially nice for postcard club meetings, and appropriate for the entire family (all ages).

Engaging Youth in Education through Ephemera
Presentation on how ephemera can be used to invoke enthusiasm in learning for middle and high school students. Showcases real-world, interactive activities in which inner city youth explored topical ephemera in preparation for further engagement in science, technology and math programs. Powerpoint with associated ephemera on display.

Biographical Information:

Frank DeFreitas is a professional holographer living in Eastern Pennsylvania. He facilitates one of the oldest privately owned laser and holography studios in the world today. He has been collecting holography-related ephemera since 1976, and manages one of the world's largest holdings of its kind, known as Antiquarian Holographica. Selected pieces from his collection have been exhibited widely, from smaller, regional museums to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. (Hirshhorn Museum). A graduate of the Philadelphia Printing School, only blocks from Benjamin Franklin's historical print shop, he began his early career in the publishing field. He worked for such publications as Prevention, Organic Gardening, Bicycling, Runner's World and Men's Health magazines. He expanded his visual communication talents into lasers and holography in 1983. In 2010 and beyond, he continues a long-running tradition of innovation in the field.


American Institute of Physics
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
Tel: 301-209-3007
Fax: 301-209-0839

Speaking Engagements:

Frank DeFreitas has been providing holography-related lectures and presentations for schools, clubs and professional organizations since 1983. He was a Toastmasters International Philadelphia Regional winner in 1972. Frank enjoys meeting new people and sharing his enthusiasm for ephemera and its exciting future in the 21st Century. To receive a press kit on his presentations and programs, please use the contact information listed here at The Ephemera Society Speakers Bureau.

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