Arthur H. Groten

GrotenPO Box 30 Fishkill, NY 12424
Phone: 916-941-7532


Presentations and Subjects:

Napoleon at St. Helena; Promotion of Air Mail prior to WWII; Levant Fairs of Palestine; Taxi Mail of Palestine; Philately as a Collector's Paradigm.

Biographical Information:

President, The Ephemera Society of America; President and Editor, Poster Stamp Collectors Club, Postal Label Study Group; fellow of the Royal Philatelic society [London]; Life Member, American Philatelic Society, Society of Israel Philatelists; member, Ephemera Society [GB], American Philatelic Congress, Postal History Society, American Air Mail Society, Historic New England, etc.


Robert Dalton Harris

Speaking Engagements:

National Postal Museum Blount seminar 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011; Ephemera Society of America conference 1993; American Philatelic Congress, 1989; etc.


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