Come to Ephemera 25 and MeetAmerica's Foremost Enigmatologist

Quickly! Name a city/state pair in which the letters forming the word "tenor" appear in consecutive order.

Ephemera 25 guest speaker Will Shortz plucks gems like this out of the air like feathers from an erne. As editor of The New York Times crossword puzzles, and Puzzle Master for National Public Radio, Shortz gets paid to stump his loyal listeners and readers. Shortz will try to flummox those who attend Saturday night's banquet as he debuts a unique ephemera-based challenge.

Shortz, a Society member who collects puzzle-related ephemera, is also an author and popular speaker who can divide1,000-person audiences down the middle and get them bouncing up and down like jacks-in-the-box in spirited competition.

How did Shortz become an enigmatologist? Come to the banquet the night of March 19th and ask him yourself.

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